Philippine Airlines Seat Sale PHP 78 $78 Fares (March 1 to 10 2019)

Philippine Airlines Seat Sale PHP 78 $78 Fares (March 1 to 10 2019)

It’s our birthday soon! Clear your schedules and save the date, the biggest birthday treat is coming your way. #TheGreatPAL78

Go on a travel-spree this 2019 with PAL’s 78th Anniversary Sale. Over 2 million seats up for grabs!

Book as many flights as your heart desires with fares as low as PHP78 for domestic flights and USD78 for international flights. Book from March 1 to 10, 2019 and travel from March 16 to December 31, 2019!

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Philippine Airlines Seat Sale Domestic Flights

Philippine Airlines Seat Sale International Flights

Reminders/Flight Availability

*Available on specific domestic flights:
Manila to Puerto Princesa or v.v. – PR/2P 2787/2782/1197/1198
Manila to Dumaguete or v.v. – PR2541/2542
Manila to Tacloban or v.v. – PR2987/2988
Manila to Zamboanga or v.v – PR/2P 2993/2998
Manila to Bacolod or v.v. – PR2129/PR2130, PR2137/PR2138
Manila to Cebu or v.v – PR1841/1842/1871/1872/2867/2868/1835/1867/2841/2869/2871/2836/1868/2842/2856/2872/2865/2866
Manila to Iloilo or v.v. – PR2147/PR2148/2139/2140
Manila to Cagayan de Oro or v.v. – PR2529/PR2530
“Manila to Davao or v.v. – PR1809/1810/2809/2810/1819/2819/1823/2825/1825/2824/1824/2823/
Clark to Davao or v.v – PR/2P 2839/2840
Clark to Cebu or v.v. – PR2834/836

**Available on specific international flights:
Manila to Hongkong – PR318/312/310/PR307/311/301
Manila to Taipei – PR894/891
Manila to Kuala Lumpur – PR529/530
Manila to Singapore- PR509/508
Manila to Bangkok – PR732/733/740/741
Manila to Ho Chi Minh – PR597/598 on Wed
Manila to Jakarta -PR535/536
Manila to Beijing – PR360/361
Manila to Melbourne-PR207/208
Manila to Tokyo (HANEDA) – PR424/423
Manila to Tokyo (NARITA)-PR432/431
Manila to Osaka -PR408/407
Manila to Phnom Penh – Travel period starts April 1, 2019
Manila to Hanoi – Travel period starts March 31, 2019
Manila to New Delhi – Travel starts April 16, 2019

***Available on specific day:
Manila to Guam- Valid on Tuesday and Thursday flights from Manila

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